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The European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPS) is an independent process for the registering of instructors, trainers and teachers working in the European health, fitness and physical activity sector. It is a pan-European system, based on independent national registers, which culminate in a central European database.

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  • My name is Stefan Kolimechkov and I am a PhD student at the National Sports Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria. I have been working as a Gymnastics coach and a Personal trainer in London, UK for the last four years where I conduct my research on nutrition and physical fitness of young gymnasts, and I have been a member of EREPS since February 2014. The...

    Stefan Kolimechkov
    Elite Gymnastics Academy CIC, (London, United Kingdom)
  • In Spain, although Personal Training is fully developed, the culture is different than the UK or USA and it is very difficult to find employment. The good news is EREPS allows trainers to be recognised, and work, around Europe and the rest of the world.

    I am currently working in Barcelona but in the future would like to work in the UK....

    Josep Martínez
    EREPS Member 35523 (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Being a part of European exercise professional family gives me a lot! First, I received a broader and global approach about H&F sector. EuropeActive’s standards, trends, directions help me not to lose in the ’fitness jungle’ and follow the real mission of fitness. Second, courses accredited by EuropeActive give qualification and visibility...

    Simona Pajaujiene
    Active Training (Kaunas, Lithuania)
  • In accordance with our company's motto 'committed to excellence' it is of huge importance to us to be a member of EuropeActive. It allows us to at all times be in step with the latest ideas and standards in the field of fitness at European and world level.

    Matija Dunaj
    Director of Fitnes Uciliste (Zagreb, Croatia)
  • We are part of EuropeActive because of our mission to create a high quality level in the Danish fitness industry. EuropeActive share the same mission for the European fitness industry. Thus, our students secure them self a quality mark by passing the educational programmes from Fitness Institute.

    Kasper Danborg
    Sports Physiologist at Fitness Institute (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • We think it's very important for trainers to be EREPS member, as it speaks of them as high-qualified specialist, whose skills and knowledge allow them to professionally train their clients.

    European education is highly valued in Russia because of the high quality. Our company wanted our training programs meet European standards to make...

    Nathalia Yachmeneva
    Foreign Affairs Consultant at Personnel Builders Group LLC, (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  • Pure Gym has used UK REPS for almost 6 years as a way to pre-screen Personal Trainers wanting to work alongside our business by ensuring they meet the necessary level of qualifications and standards needed to work within the fitness industry. With a multitude of qualifications available in the industry, utilising REPS it is an effective way to...

    Laura Barrington-Fortune
    Product Director, Pure Gym

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