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Feb 20th, 2018
  By John van Heel, EFAA Just like the General Practitioner is a specialist in diseases and the physiotherapist in muscle and joint complaints, fitness instructors are specialists in the field of a healthy lifestyle. This is of course not the case in all sports centres. A certain segment of sports centres... + continue reading
Feb 19th, 2018
  By John van Heel, EFAA.  The WHO and the Health Council developed guidelines for healthy active living and healthy eating. If people have the knowledge about these guidelines, and what they can bring if applying, but also what harm they bring if not, most people would take steps to start a healthier life... + continue reading
Feb 19th, 2018
  Save time scrolling through 100's of journal articles, books and scientific research and get the very latest in sports science through webinars. These online webinars by Human Kinetics are presented by some of the leading names in sports science and address a variety of topics relating to sports, fitness,... + continue reading

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