EuropeActive visiting Swedish Fit in Paris

EuropeActive visiting Swedish Fit in Paris

By Peter Davies, head of the verification team, EuropeActive Standards

"How simple, stress-free and effective was the Metro tube system in Paris. This was what struck me as I was greeted at Paris Gare de Nord railway station by the brothers Daniel and Frederic Coury and then guided via the Metro system to my hotel, via a very pleasant chat over some food and drink.

I quickly became familiarised with the concept of Swedish Fit, a family owned and run business that was started by the brothers parents in Stockholm, Sweden and has now expanded to other cities/countries including London, Barcelona and Paris - although it is in Paris where the main offices are based and where the large majority of group exercise courses are delivered. Swedish Fit (Gym Suédoise in France) have built a number of extremely well equipment studio locations to a high standard to deliver these courses. These studio locations also cater for members to attend group exercise classes. The fact that the membership is currently over 20,000 strong, demonstrates how successful this company is.

Trips to a number of these studio locations in Paris, over the course of my visit confirmed the popularity of Swedish Fit and the concept they have in place with the courses and classes. Perhaps the highlight of my visit was being the passenger on the back of Frederic’s electric scooter through the streets of Paris to be shown the amazing Notre Dame Cathedral. Meeting with Daniel and Frederic’s mother and spending time talking about Swedish Fit and their future plans was also very gratifying and demonstrated to me their drive to succeed and to deliver their qualifications to the highest standards.

In summary: a very successful visit that embodied the working relationship between EuropeActive/EREPS and Swedish Fit."

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