American Council on Exercise offers Scholarship Fund

"From teaching free group fitness classes to leading workplace walking groups, we know that many exercise professionals and health coaches have dedicated their lives to creating healthy change in their communities,' says ACE, the American Council on Exercise.

To support this exceptional work, Peter and Kathie Davis, founders of the IDEA Health and Fitness Association, established an IDEA World Convention Scholarship Fund, which awards up to five scholarships to attend the 2019 IDEA® World Convention in Anaheim, California (US), June 26 – 30. Scholarships are open to first-time IDEA World attendees and include a stipend that covers convention registration and travel expenses (i.e., flights, ground transportation, hotel and meals). ACE provides administrative support for the scholarship fund.

ACE is an EREPS accredited provider and you can apply for a scholarship if you are 'currently certified by a nationally recognized organization as an exercise professional or health coach', meaning this option is available for EREPS-members too. Scholarship recipients will have a unique opportunity to learn from the best thought leaders in the industry, network with like-minded professionals, advance their careers and become better prepared to make an impact on individuals and communities around the country. Applications close March 15.

For more information and instructions on how to apply, please see:


Image credits: ACE