Gain new Knowledge through Human Kinetics Webinars


Save time scrolling through 100's of journal articles, books and scientific research and get the very latest in sports science through webinars. These online webinars by Human Kinetics are presented by some of the leading names in sports science and address a variety of topics relating to sports, fitness, nutrition, coaching, training, physical education and more.

The presenters often talk about their scientific research and break it down and explain it clearly. There is also a 15-minute question and answer session at the end of every webinar. So if there is anything you didn't understand this can be answered then. You can simply type in a question mid-presentation and the host will ask it at the end.
For the majority of the webinars, you can also download the slides.

Forthcoming webinars are:

21/02/2018  - Exercise Training in Youth: What do we know?

28/02/2018 - Should we reframe how we think about physical activity and sedentary behaviour measurement 

07/03/2018 - Quantifying bivariate plots in sports biomechanics

21/03/2018 - Psychosocial considerations in sports injury risk and prevention 


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