MIOFF Russian Fitness Week 2017

Julian Berriman, the Director of the EuropeActive's Professional Standards Committee recently gave a presentation at the MIOFF, the Russian Fitness Week 2017.

The presentation focussed on setting up a robust and effective system for the training and recognition of fitness professionals and how this might be applied to the rapidly developing Russian industry. To an audience of Russian fitness employers, training providers, national associations and governmental representatives Mr Berriman spoke of the need for the standardisation of the education of fitness professionals and, the establishment of a register of exercise professionals.

At this year's edition the setting up of a Russian Register of Exercise Professionals (RU-REPS) in partnership with the Russian Fitness-Aerobics Federation and aligned to EREPS was announced. Attendees were encouraged to engage with the RU-REPS in making it a must for all fitness professionals operating in Russia.

This event illustrates the growing influence of EREPS and the EuropeActive educational standards on which its membership is founded. EREPS members should take great pride in the fact they are part of a register that is recognised on the world stage!