Why Good Intentions Often Don't Work

It is the end of the year again. The holidays are around the corner and so many people let go of their healthy lifestyle. If they had this in the first place. And then in January, being eaten and saturated, they imagine that the new year is the year of change. They want to lose weight, live a healthier life or become more in balance. They enrol at a gym and go to the gym for the first time in good spirits. But after the second time it is already difficult and soon the gym has a 'sleeping' member.

We all know it: sport has so many advantages. Exercise ensures that you get more confidence, you feel better or that you come and stay at healthy weight. Sports provides peace in your head, a moment of effort, but also of relaxation. But why do not many people succeed in making exercise a permanent part of the lifestyle?

Motivation, mindset and behaviour

In order to move, we need a specific goal and intrinsic motivation. We only move when we have a goal to work towards. Not only literally, but also figuratively! Exercise is the result of our motivation, our mindset and our behaviour! And that is where little attention is paid to the whole process of good intentions and the setting of the first step.

That is why the role of the gym and fitness trainer is so important. You as gyms and trainers can make the difference. Because who would not want a satisfied customer who walks out the door with a big smile and returns with pleasure! That is not only great for the customer, but also provides much more fun for you.

No quick fix

And that is exactly what accredited training provider WILL Be Strong are focusing on. It is all about intrinsic motivation, mindset and the behaviour that is connected to it! Becoming strong starts with changing your mindset. This ensures lasting results! We do not go for a quick fix or for temporary results by only offering fixed schedules, which you can use with a small adjustment for everyone. We aim for lasting results through a personal approach and tailor-made trajectory.


We start by looking at the core together with the customers. What kind of motivation pattern suits this person? What is the current mindset and what is needed to change that? From that base, we build goals and the coaching towards them. Do you also want to coach in this way? The Fitcoach training and training courses are specially developed for coaches who want to distinguish themselves from the rest and want to see lasting results with their clients. Through a personal approach and coaching on intrinsic motivation you really make the difference!