May 12th, 2017
It used to be a good idea to go “all in” with social media, meaning you employed every available channel to market your fitness business, taking advantage of each platform’s unique features. Now social media is moving so quickly that it’s less feasible for most health and fitness professionals to keep up. Even within one platform, like Facebook, the possibilities for what to post are beginning to exceed what many people have time for: In... + continue reading
Apr 28th, 2017
An ACE Integrated Fitness Training Model-Based Workout. The best concepts in health and fitness are the ones that immediately translate to real-world, real-life experiences and provide an easy bridge between the idea and the experience each person has in his or her own body. They create a physical “a-ha moment.” With an understanding of how what you do in a workout correlates with what you do outside of it, daily tasks are done with a... + continue reading
Apr 21st, 2017
(ACE Sponsored Research) Older adults are among the least physically active of any age group, putting them at increased peril for developing chronic diseases and other health risks (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2000). Couple this with reduced function, decreased muscular strength and endurance, and an increased risk for falls, and it quickly becomes apparent that remaining active and preserving as much health and physical... + continue reading
Mar 23rd, 2017
When you step in front of a group to teach a fitness class, do you present yourself in exactly the same way you would at home with just your family around? Or do you play up certain aspects of your personality to create a public identity or instructor persona? Trying out a persona doesn’t have to be about cloaking yourself behind a façade (although that’s one definition). Merriam-Webster defines the word as “the personality that a person... + continue reading
May 31st, 2014
TomTom Sports has become the latest addition to the EREPS affiliate Programme. As an EREPS member, you can now get exclusive discounts when purchasing TomTom products and can become an ambassador for TomTom. TomTom Sports inspires people to live fitter and healthier lives with wearable technology that motivates them to move more. If you share this mission and would like to become a TomTom Sports ambassador, we will connect you to the company.... + continue reading