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During the Covid-19 pandemic it is important that you accept and follow the advice and guidance being given by your national government and health authorities. This advice may vary from country to country. Our news and stories are to help keep you informed on what is happening in the fitness sector, but they are not intended to replace, or to surpass, the advice intended for people or organisations in your country.

To support the EREPS community during the Covid-19 pandemic we are delighted to introduce the following listing of articles, offers and inspiration.

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EREPS webinar back pain

Inspiration, Learning

Jul 2, 2020

Webinar - Programme Design that works

As fitness professionals we must design programmes for our clients that work on all levels. In the interests of reducing pain-states or simply improving functional capacities many clients will benefit from a therapeutic or corrective approach focused on addressing muscle or postural imbalances. Trainers must be sensitive to these therapeutic outcomes while at the same time not losing sight of the fact that a large proportion of clients will be seeking some degree of body transformation and fat loss. If the training we prescribe only has a corrective angle, compliance plummets. Panellist will discuss achieving therapeutic goals while still having the necessary metabolic impact (as much muscle activation as possible) and often within a very short time frame.

EREPS webinar back pain

Covid Information, Inspiration

Jun 25, 2020

POST-COVID: Personal Training will become much more important to health clubs

Julian Berriman, Director of Standards, invites EREPS Ambassador, David Hurst, to share his thoughts on why Personal Training will be even more important for clubs as a result of the "wake up call" Covid-19 has given the population about healthy lifestyles.

EREPS webinar back pain

Digital Solutions

Jun 24, 2020

Webinar - President’s Roundtable: Digital Startups in the Fitness Sector

The importance of digitalisation and tech developments has never been more visible. This much-needed informative webinar on the digital start-up community of the fitness sector ecosystem follows the format of EuropeActive's President Roundtable Webinars, focusing on strengthening that community and our ways of 'going digital' and/or using hybrid models. Andreas Paulsen, EuropeActive Executive Director, invites Ed Hubbard (4Global), Per Gunnar Nordahl (D-Fetch) and Mahmood Ul-Hassan (Motosumo) to share their experiences as 'start-ups' and Liz Terry, Leisure Media and FIT TECH Magazine, discusses with panelists as to how we may build the strongest possible digital and tech start-up community in our sector?

EREPS webinar back pain

Inspiration, Learning

Jun 18, 2020

Webinar - Exercise management for clients with low back pain

This webinar provides an insight into the different causes of low back pain and the implications of these causes for fitness professionals considering working with clients with low back pain. With: Julian Berriman, Director Professional Standards Committee, EuropeActive, Anna Bogdanova, EREPS Ambassador, Jozef Korab, Chiropractor and Rocco Venizelos, EREPS Ambassador .

EuropeActive / EREPS webinar


Jun 11, 2020

Webinar - Healthy lifestyle promotion – a new role for the fitness and physical activity industry

Join EuropeActive Director of Standards, Julian berriman, John van Heel (New Health Project, Netherlands), Colin Huffen (CIMSPA, UK) and Alfonso Jimenez (GOfit Lab, Spain) as they discuss a new role for the fitness and physical activity sector, a Healthy Lifestyle Promoter
PDF icon Download HealthCounselling_Webinar_110620.pdf (2.88 MB)

EuropeActive / EREPS webinar


Jun 5, 2020

Webinar - The Business of Personal Training with David Kingsbury, EREPS Ambassador

David shares his experiences, tactics, successes and failures from 8 years of online training. He covers service options, getting results online and most importantly how to acquire new clients even if you don’t have a large online following.

EuropeActive / EREPS webinar


May 28, 2020

Webinar - Exercise for Two – How to involve Pregnant Women in Exercise Sessions

his session will provide an informative and evidence-based insight into exercise during pregnancy. With this session we want to encourage fitness professionals to become qualified and competent in working with this often neglected group.
PDF icon Download Anna_Pregnancy_webinar_280520.pdf (2.55 MB)

EuropeActive / EREPS webinar

May 21, 2020

Webinar - Words that Make or Break Lifestyle Interventions with Anna Bogdanova

In this webinar Anna Bogdanova will share her expertise in creating long lasting behaviour change, drawing on the fields of communication, psychology and behavioural biology.

EuropeActive / EREPS webinar

Digital Solutions

May 14, 2020

Webinar - Measuring the success of digital experiences and harnessing the consumers recent increase in engagement triggered by COVID-19

Peter Croft the Chair of the EuropeActive digital transformation steering committee discusses strategic content, global market feedback and critical insight into the new digital experience ecosystem with key industry figures Hugo Braam - Virtuagym, Nicolas Festl - Fittrack and Ernst de Neef - Funxtion.
PDF icon Download DIGITAL_Experiences_Final_140520.pdf (2.1 MB)

EuropeActive / EREPS webinar


May 13, 2020

Webinar - Adapting Standards & Skills for Fitness Professionals Post-C19-Shutdown

Julian berriman, EuropeActive Director of Standards hosts Jennifer Halsall-de Wit (International Retention Manager, Basic-FiT International), Prof. Alfonso Jimenez (Chief Research & Innovation Officer, Ingesport-GOfit) and Tara Dillon (CEO, CIMSPA) as they explore the development of guidelines for fitness professionals and how these guidelines can be incorporate in educational standards across Europe.
PDF icon Download Adapting-skills-PPT_master_reverse.pdf (2.79 MB)

EuropeActive / EREPS webinar

Inspiration, Learning

May 7, 2020

Webinar - Sleep, the forgotten elixir of health and physical recovery

Join ben Pratt, Join Ben Pratt, Programme Coordinator, Nordic Fitness Education, for an eye-opening presentation on why sleep is the forgotten elixir of good health and the most powerful tool for exercise recovery. View the full recording by clicking the link below.
PDF icon Download Sleep_presentation.pdf (1.54 MB)

EREPS - Saipu Fitness

Inspiration, Learning

May 5, 2020

Saipu Fitness - response to Covid-19

Saipu is the leading brand in the Chinese fitness coach education industry and the first Chinese education provider to achieve EuropeActive accreditation. Saipu have done us the great honour of preparing the presentation from their President which gives a fascinating insight into their response as an education provider to the Covid-19 pandemic. This presentation details how they responded quickly and adjusted their educational offering to ensure their learners were best managed and supported.

EREPS Hero - Nicky Coyne

Inspiration, Learning

Apr 24, 2020

An interview with Nicky Coyne

Nicky Coyne presents on how to build a strong immine system. Watch the full recording by clicking the link below.

EREPS - Fit akademi

Digital Solutions, Learning, Offers to instructors/trainers

Apr 15, 2020

Blue Vision Fitness Akademi - 20% off on all online life learning courses for EREPS Members

Online Courses (turkish language)

EREPS - culturismo

Inspiration, Learning, Offers to instructors/trainers

Apr 9, 2020

Escuela Culturismo Natural - Benefic Webinar

EuropeActive Accredited Training Provider in Spain is holding a BENEFIC WEBINAR with 3 speakers in Evidence Based Training & Nutrition

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EREPS expert panel webinar


Apr 7, 2020

EREPS Expert Panel - webinar issue 1

The EREPS Expert Panel will be a series of webinars that discuss how the fitness and physical activity sector can positively work through the Covid-19 pandemic. This first edition focuses on online personal training and how personal trainers can best employ this model to continue to work with their clients. The webinar includes contributions from: Anna Bogdanova (Denmark), CEO and co-founder of “De Uimodståelige”. David Kingsbury ( UK), a personal trainer for over 15 years, gym owner for over a decade and online trainer for 8 years. Priyanka SK (India) delivering personal training sessions both onsite and remote for over 5 years. Timothy Obbers f(Belgium) - NASM & Physical Coaching Academy Master Trainer and online coach since 2014.

EREPS - Hedstrom

Digital Solutions, Offers to instructors/trainers

Apr 2, 2020

Hedstrom Fitness - BOSU® Live Stream Continuing Education Course

4 EREPS Learning Hours. $99 US (Reg. $149 US)

EREPS - Pavigym

Digital Solutions, Offers to instructors/trainers

Apr 2, 2020

Pavigym - At-home Fitness sessions to stay fit and healthy

Keep in shape with these 25 minutes HIIT sessions. |