What is EREPS?

EREPS is a process of self-regulation that has been agreed at a European level by the sector. It is overseen by the EuropeActive Professional Standards Committee which is independent from the main work of the Association. The SQF and standards have been developed over many years by EuropeActive (formerly the European Health and Fitness Association) in cooperation with over 200 experts and through a number of EU-funded actions and Technical Expert Groups (TEG).

EREPS operates as a pan-Europe register based in Brussels, but which is ultimately delivered through national registers which are overseen by competent bodies approved in each European country. The national registers have a formal agreement called a Memorandum of Understanding and Trust and a Service Level Agreement which covers the governance and operational procedures of the register with EREPS and EuropeActive (Professional Standards Committee). This ensures both the protection and promotion of the principles of EREPS and the maintenance of common standards and operating processes which are quality assured.

The EREPS Programme provides a number of key benefits:

  • It provides an independent registration process (sometimes called a “license to practice”) for  exercise professionals across Europe which is clearly understandable by operators and  consumers;
  • It is a public register with members published on a website directory;
  • Members of EREPS must abide by a Code of Ethical Practice defining the rights,  responsibilities and principles of being an exercise professional;
  • It is a not-for-profit organisation owned by EuropeActive and exists to support the  professional needs of its members, and in support of the professionalising of the European  fitness sector.