LLP - Accredited Provider Application

Lifelong Learning Programme - Accredited Training Provider Application

As an 'Accredited Training Provider' you may also apply to be a Lifelong Learning Provider at a reduced rate. To do so please select from the options below.

For full details on the difference between Approved LLP and Other LLP please click here.

Training Provider Licence

A Training Provider Licence includes 20x Approved LLP Course submissions and 20x Other LLP submissions. If you already have courses submitted and wish to upgrade to a Training Provider Licence a new '2 year period' of approval will commence upon processing the application.

Approved Lifelong Learning Submission
Lifelong Learning Provider Application
This should be different than the 'KEY CONTACT' email address.
Lifelong Learning Provider - Key Contact

Applying for Life Long Learning recognition will add you as a 'key contact' for your organisation.

Payment Options
[x] Payment is made on invoice.