Author guidelines

Instructions for authors:

  • Title (up to 20 words): arial, 12 pts, 1.5 spaces, justified, bold case (e.g., The Fitness Sector gets a new publication)
  • Type of article (please select): original research, review papers, expert opinion, technical notes, practice updates, ethical and legal commentary
  • Author(s) name(s): arial, 10 pts, 1.5 spaces, justified, bold case (e.g., Maria Smith)
    Author(s) name(s): Rita Santos-Rocha1,2, Julian Berriman1 & Alexis Batrakoulis3
  • Affiliation(s) and Countries: 1) EuropeActive (Professional Standards committee); 2) ESDRM-IPS, Portugal; 3) GRAFFTS, Greece
  • Affiliation(s): Health Club (…), University (…). Authors’ organisation logos can be embedded in the article
  • Country(ies)
  • Contact(s): e-mail address
  • Topic (up to 2)
    Topics (please select): exercise prescription & assessment, personal training, group exercise, outdoor exercise, sports, health & nutrition, lifestyle, injuries prevention, professional development, special populations (special phases of life, clinical conditions and disabled people), fitness trends, exercise and health costs, worksite health & exercise promotion, physiology and biomechanics of exercise, pedagogy and psychology of sports and exercise, club management, sport law, other.
  • Key-words (up to 6)
    e.g., journal, fitness, professionals, template, instructions
  • Abstract (open access and blog) visible to anyone who visits this page, and to be published in the BLOG
  • Second language abstract (if applicable): (yes/no), which one?
  • Main text (up to 3000 words): arial, 10 pts, 1.5 spaces, justified
  • Sections: introduction, objectives, methods, discussion, practical applications / background, discussion, implications for practice
  • Original figures (up to six)
  • Tables (up to two)
  • References in text using [number]
  • References (Vancouver style)
    e.g., Smith M, The Fitness Sector gets a new publication. EuropeActive’s Journal for Exercise Professionals, 2016, vol 1
  • Short resumé / LinkedIn / ResearchGate / ORCID of authors (up to 100 words)
    e.g., Rita’s LinkedIn / ResearchGate / ORCID