European Journal for Exercise Professionals

EuropeActive’s European Journal for Exercise Professionals is focused on providing up-to-date information to all exercise professionals on  topics of interest from the fitness, active leisure, health promotion and sports fields.

Exercise professionals are key players in promoting the benefits of physical activity and, the main actors in planning and delivering exercise programmes. As part of their professional status they are required to maintain a commitment to lifelong learning in relation to their role, the professional context in which they operate and, staying up-to-date with any technical and scientific advancements in their field of expertise. Our aim, each year, is to gather relevant materials for exercise professionals to support these requirements and to bridge the gap between science and practice – that is, to show how science can provide the evidence for and directly influence what is done with gym consumers to ensure their safety and positive fitness outcomes.

We are keen to provide a wide a range of content relevant to the aspiring and established exercise professional and therefore, will look to involve exercise professionals themselves, employers, suppliers, students and researchers in contributing to these editions

We are pleased to recommend the European Journal for Exercise Professionals to all exercise professionals, as well as anyone else who is interested in the fitness sector and our common goal to get MORE PEOPLE , MORE ACTIVE , MORE OFTEN.

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