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Barre Where You Are Barre Instructor Training

Barre Where You Are’s Instructor Training focuses on the basis of Barre, what makes an excellent instructor and how to construct and deliver a high-quality and safe class.  An anatomy overview will be provided in relation to Barre and the exercises and planes of motion introduced. Movements and exercises will be demonstrated, broken down and explained to ensure students have a thorough understanding of how to execute the movement and engage the appropriate muscles.

Business Skills for Personal Training

The Business Skills for Personal Training course is an online, continuing professional development course that helps both employed and self-employed fitness professionals gain the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively plan for, deliver and maintain a fitness business. The course is composed of 10 sections of learning that covers important topics such as PT business models, developing effective products and services, creating a fitness brand, how to plan for and deliver effective marketing, and how to effectively sell personal training.

FET Hipnotic®

Hipnotic implements the methodology of stimulating and cleansing our 7 basic chakras through rhythmic belly dancing techniques that were structured by Master Huda Al Bahri.

The entire purpose implemented by Hipnotic is to ground one’s energy through specific movement before polarizing the stagnant negative energy of one’s self.

The word “HIPNOTIC” is inspired by “HYPNOTIC “ as in being fascinated or magnetized. So HIPNOTIC has captured the movement of our hips through belly dance to feel happy, recharged, beautiful and healthy.


Iron FET is a weight lifting cardio planned program. Where the energy comes from the depth of your body responding the beat of the music to carry the weight on with repeat the moves scientifically for all your body muscles.