Kinesis Stations Workshop

About the Course
Course Description: 

The aim of the workshop is to explore functional training, movement patterns and group programmes through Technogym Kinesis Stations. The workshop is aimed at instructors and trainers across a variety of industry sectors, who are providing assistance to apparently healthy individuals to facilitate a safe, effective and enjoyable exercise experience.

Learning Outcomes: 

The course will provide a level of competence on the safe and effective use of the Technogym Kinesis Stations, their functions and exercise possibilities. Main outcomes are:

  • Understand all the features and benefits of Kinesis Stations
  • Explore the 7 fundamentals of movement
  • Have an extended knowledge of exercise possibilities and progressions on Kinesis Stations
  • Be able to create safe, effective programmes and classes for group training
  • Be able to apply the use of the equipment to the facility and members
  • Be able to demonstrate practical and theoretical knowledge of the equipment
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Course Check
Course Assessment: 
Assessment Details: 

Assessment is composed by a LIVE assessment by the Master trainer to check the effectiveness of the live session + an on-line questionnaire to receive the certificate.

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