Lifelong Learning for Training Providers

Providers of training, events or other learning materials will be able to offer training and other learning experiences that will be formally recognised under the EREPS LLP.

There are two main categories under which EREPS recognition can be achieved:

1. EREPS Approved Training – this category relates to courses or workshop that supplement the main EuropeActive standards and are subject to external quality assurance by an independent EREPS Approval Team.
Lifelong Learning Approved stamp

2. Other Learning - this will relate to any learning experience that falls outside of category (1). This could include anything from conferences and events to short online offerings, podcasts, journals or any other related reading materials.
EREPS recognised ‘other learning’ is checked for relevance to the EuropeActive standards and value and, will be marked by the following logo:

Lifelong Learning stamp

Submitting Lifelong Learning

As a mandatory part of the application process providers will be asked to agree to abide by the Code of Practice for EREPS Lifelong Learning Providers click here.

Lifelong Learning Fees

To apply to have a Lifelong Learning course/event simply click the link at the bottom of this page. Payment is made for LLP credit points which may be reddemed against the cost of a course.

You may select either 'other' Lifelong Learning which is priced at 5LLP credit points (€50 per programme) or 'approved training' priced at 15 LLP credit points (€150 per course).

You may pay for a bundled fee, as follows;

5 LLP credit points - € 50.00
10 LLP credit points - € 100.00
15 LLP credit points - € 150.00
30 LLP credit points - € 240.00
50 LLP credti points - € 350.00
75 LLP credit points - € 450.00
100 LLP credit points - € 500.00