About the Course
Course Description: 

The Power Cycling Concept is a pre-structure indoor cycling program with special indoor cycling bikes. It’s about group indoor cycling training, small group indoor cycling training and personal training in indoor cycling ("1 on 1"), with special indoor cycling bikes (all brands).

Learning Outcomes: 

Indoor Cycling training for adults healthy trainees.

Course Delivery
Learning Type: 
Learning Hours Awarded: 
Course Assessment: 
Course Check
Assessment Details: 

A. Written exams (online) about:
• Program structure in indoor cycling
• Music structure in indoor cycling
• Cycling anatomy
• Physiology
• Heart rate training
• Exercise Physiology
• Safety in indoor cycling

B. Practical exams (live):
• Bike set up
• Indoor cycling techniques
• Music adaptation
• Coaching

C. Video from trainees with a complete indoor cycling program.