About the Course
Course Description: 

A two day specialist training course which includes:

  • History and meaning of functional strength training
  • Understanding kinesiology and biomechanical factors that influence human movement
  • Exercise science concepts in FST
  • FST techniques – using body weight, dumbbells, medicine balls, stability balls, pulleys & cables, bands and miscellaneous devices
  • FST process – from assessment to execution
  • Understaning the functional continuum
  • Designing FST programs
Learning Outcomes: 


  • To enable fitness trainers, sports coaches and strength conditioning specialists with theoretical and practical knowledge so that they are able to safely and scientifically incorporate FST in their client training programs.
  • To improve ergonomic and strength & power producing efficiencies by training bodies in conditions that offer asymmetrical resistance and balance, unstable surfaces, multi-planar movements through complete range of motion.   
  • To learn techniques of integrating FST in warm-up, workout and cool-down phases in strength training and aerobic training not only for athletes but also for senior citizens, general fitness enthusiasts and also in medical rehab.
  • To introduce basic knowledge/working and scheduling of Functional Accessories like, Agility ladder, Kettle bells, Suspension training, Swiss Ball, Balance boards, Barbells, cones and hurdles etc
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