About the Course
Course Description: 

Pilates Concept is a pre-structure pilates program with special using more functional movements added to the classical repertoire. It’s a group strength training program, improving the posture, the flexibility, core strength, the kinetic model and kinesiology of the trainees, using classical and non - classical exercises of the pilates method with variations

Pilates Matwork pre-requisute required. 

Learning Outcomes: 

What are the learning outcomes...what will the participant gain through attending this course?

Group Pilates training for adults healthy trainees

Course Delivery
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Learning Hours Awarded: 
Course Assessment: 
Course Check
Assessment Details: 

A. Written exams about: 
• Teaching methods( report )
• Program structure
• Pilates principles
• Movement principles
• Basic Exercises
• Safety - Cueing

B. Practical exams (live):
• Recurrent and oral guidance
• Pilates technique
• Teaching methods (teaching combos live)
• Performance
• Recording the degree of difficulty (according to the type of combination the examiner ask from the instructor) and proportional grading

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