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3D Xtreme™ Certification, Powered by BOSU®


Summary/description of the 3D Xtreme? Certification, Powered by BOSU®, On-Line Course:
3D XTREME? is a completely unique, high-intensity, team-oriented workout program that combines functional, integrated total body training with explosive calorie-blasting cardio, intense core, and interactive team challenges to get XTREME results in the minimum amount of time. The secret is the 3-dimensional impact of movement triplexes that fuse cardio, conditioning and core and utilizes the BOSU® Balance Trainer with other favorite training equipment to help you improve your overall fitness. The exercises will challenge you, the pace will drive you and the team energy will inspire you!

Learning Outcomes:

Learning outcomes the participant will gain through viewing the 3D Xtreme™ Certification, Powered by BOSU®, On-Line Course:

Upon completion of this workshop, group fitness instructors and personal trainers will be able to:
• Explain the benefits of functional training, balance and stabilization training
• Discuss the science behind functional balance training
• Demonstrate over 30 different drills and exercises that challenge dynamic, integrated balance within the fitness components of cardio, strength, endurance, core and agility
• Demonstrate modifications and variations to make each drill easier or harder
• Verbally cue and coach each exercise or drill at different levels of intensity, and for different levels of fitness
• Teach three warm-up triplexes that focus on mobility, corrective movement patterns, and neuromuscular preparation
• Teach three workout triplexes with complimentary drills and exercises
• Demonstrate motivational coaching with appropriate cueing, tone and body language
• Teach three cool-down triplexes that blend dynamic and static stretching

Participants will receive the 3D XTREME™ Workbook as well as access to the BOSU® 3DX Web Portal.


LLP Category:

Course - Online / Distance

Suitable For:

Fitness Instructor (EQF L3), Group Fitness Instructor (EQF L3)

Learning Type:

LLP Category 1

Learning Hours:




No Assessment.


Web based 'online' learning