Anna Bogdanova joins the Professional Standards Committee (PSC)

EREPS Ambassador Anna Bogdanova has joined the EuropeActive's Professional Standards Committee (PSC) replacing Alexis Batrakoulis as Deputy Director. The PSC mission is to develop educational standards for the occupations of the European health and fitness sector, providing the credibility and recognition of this sector by ensuring high, comparable and standardised levels of education.

EuropeActive would like to thank Alexis Batrakoulis, EREPS Deputy Director, for his loyal service to the Professional Standards Committee (PSC). Alexis has been at the forefront of standards development for many years most notably in the development of the Level 5 Weight Management Exercise Specialist educational standards. Alexis continues to achieve great things in the fitness industry having recently been awarded the National Strength and Conditioning Association Personal Trainer of the Year Award. As the engagements and demands on his time have moved to a global level Alexis has decided to stand down from the PSC to focus on his other work in leading the fitness industry in tackling the obesity crisis.

Professional Standards Committee Director Julian Berriman said: ‘It has been fantastic to work with such a knowledgeable and skilled fitness professional as Alexis. He has personally provided me with great support over the years and I will always be grateful to him. Thanks for everything Alexis!’

The new EREPS Deputy Director will be Anna Bogdanova from Denmark. She is CEO and co-founder of “De Uimodståelige” (The Irresistables”), a team of 26 multi-disciplinary physical and mental health professionals who combine ground-breaking research and in an innovative online format.

Anna, who has been working closely with the EREPS team over the last few months, is a practicing personal trainer and specialist in long-lasting change and strategies for strengthening physique, health and self-image. She has an academic background in business administration, psychology and behaviour design, which she combines with ongoing education in training physiology, modern pain theory, movement therapy and stress management. Anna has been granted “Talent 100” Award by Berlingske Business in 2019 - for “taking over, where health care system lets go” and teaching her clients how to create better quality of life through training and lifestyle changes.

Anna is passionate about solving the crisis of physical inactivity (which costs Europe 3 times more than smoking) with micro-interventions and has written several books on the subject, the latest of them being “Painless - saying goodbye to fatigue, stress and pain”. She is an innovation driven super-learner with innate skill to move people by capturing hearts and emotion - Anna thrives engineering health promoting, contagious ideas.

On accepting the role with EREPS Anna said, "I am very excited about this opportunity to work with the PSC team on creating new ways to support training providers and fitness professionals in creating the highest possible value for clients and thriving in an ever-changing environment. My perspective is very practical and I am looking forward to being part of transforming the huge body of science and know-how within the EuropeActive organisation into valuable and easily applicable strategies to help EREPS members amplify the impact of their work".