EREPS Lifelong Learning Programme introduced at ISM

The 2017 International Standards Meeting (ISM), held in Rome, Italy, marked the start of the Lifelong Learning Programme for EREPS members.

Following a number of years in planning and with input from previous ISM’s the programme was presented by Julian Berriman, Director of Standards, at last week's International Standards Meeting on 24 November to over 130 delegates from more than 20 countries.

Mr. Berriman outlined the key features of the LLP which will involve the approval of training delivery such as courses, workshops, conferences and other learning that sit outside EuropeActive's key standards. The LLP will support EREPS members to complete 10 hours of on-going continuing education on an annual basis.

First course approved

To mark the launch of the programme Julian Berriman presented Francesco Bertiato, the Technogym Wellness Institute Manager, with an EREPS Approved Training Certificate for Technogym’s Kinesis Training Programme, the first training course approved under the EREPS LLP.

Guaranteeing high standards

Mr Bertiato responded to the honour:

“It is important that the market trainers are educated and certified to provide professional and optimal training experiences. Our goal is to support our customers and drive the industry through invaluable education, content and solutions. The EREPS Approved Training Certificate is a mark of quality in order to guarantee high standards contents to the Technogym Personal Trainer network that is on the frontlines training end-users on equipment.”

More to come

The introduction of the Lifelong Learning Programme was warmly received by delegates at ISM. Over the next months there will be a call to all training providers across Europe and globally with instruction on how to submit their courses and other learning experiences for LLP approval/recognition.

Never stop learning

Ending the presentation, Mr Berriman concluded:

“Gaining the necessary qualification to enter a sector is only the start of the journey towards professional practice. What will underpin this journey is the on-going engagement in learning experiences in a variety of forms that will support personal and professional development, and therefore have a direct impact on what professionals are able to do in their work.”