EuropeActive is fully engaged in the latest sport and physical activity developments

EuropeActive and EREPS strongly believe in the power of physical activity to bring people together and change lives for the better. The latest sport and physical activity initiatives developed in Brussels were carefully followed-up by our team, attending the Sport Unit Policy Breakfast, the Sport “Infoday”, the Project Coordinators’ Meeting and the “Sport vs Homophobia” conference.

Policy Breakfast

The EU Affairs team was present at the 1st policy breakfast of 2020, organised by the Sport Unit of the European Commission, which centred around the questions ‘Can sport be a tool for social inclusion and integration’, on Monday February 3rd in Brussels.

Sport Infoday

The European Commission and the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) organised on 30th January the Annual “Infoday” on Erasmus+ Sport. The event aimed to inform potential applicants about sport political priorities, administrative procedures and the available funding for the current Erasmus+ Call. It was also the opportunity to network and set-up collaborations with other sport stakeholders for future project proposals.

Project Coordinators’ Meeting

EuropeActive, as successful applicant of two Erasmus+ Projects (National Fitness Days for Europe and Forum on Anti-Doping in Recreational Sport +) participated to Project Coordinators' Meeting the last 31 January in Brussels. During the event, the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) informed the project beneficiaries on the administrative procedures, guidance on project management and financial issues.

Sport and homophobia

On February 4th, EuropeActive was invited to attend the conference “Sport vs Homophobia: a must-win game” organised by MEPs Tarabella, Frankowski and Beghin at the European Parliament. The event is the first of many that will be organised by previous members of the Sport Intergroup in the next months regarding sport inclusion, sport integrity and promotion of physical activity and other sport-related topics.