Julian Berriman guest on the Fit to Succeed podcast

The Nordic Fitness Education every week publishes the Fit to Succeed podcast. This week’s guest is Julian Berriman, the Director of the Professional Standards Committee for EuropeActive.

In this episode we get to know Julian and his professional background and explore the following topics:

  • the experience of working as a fitness tutor in the UK
  • as an early adopter of functional fitness training, what inspired Julian to get involved with this type of training in 2001-02
  • the primary objectives of EuropeActive across the fitness sector and how this impacts all fitness professionals
  • some of the challenges of driving the EuropeActive vision across the continent
  • some of the success and highlights for Julian in working with an international organisation like EuropeActive
  • ongoing professional development and the EuropeActive Lifelong Learning requirements.

Keilir Health Academy, the parent company of Nordic Fitness Education, received their EuropeActive accredited status in October 2017. 

For the full podcast, please click here: https://nordicfitnesseducationblog.com/2018/06/20/12-european-fitness-industry-julian-berriman-video-blog/  You can also subscribe to the Fit to Succeed podcast on iTunes, Stitcher or Player FM.