Member Spotlight: Silke Pichler - Austrian National, working in the UK

My name is Dr. Silke Pichler and I am an EQF level 6 Personal Trainer and Advanced Health & Fitness Specialist Trainer and level 6 Strength & Conditioning Sportcoach.

My background is in professional Ironman triathlon, duathlon & marathon running and I competed in international sports competitions as Elite athlete for the Austrian National team. I am an Austrian National, but acquired British permanent residency several years ago, and have been living and working in the U.K. since 2003. I became an Ereps member in 2007 and since then I have upgraded my PT qualification from level 4 to level 6. I have transfered my PT business from the crossfit gym Gymbox Bank to TheGymway in Marble Arch, London, which is the Fitness Agents headoffice, and am attached to The Gym Academy, a training academy for personal trainers.

I am currently preparing to teach a whole day core conditioning course for personal trainers and acquire Reps endorsement. The course is based on my seminar 'rehabilitation from back and pelvis pain using Strength & Conditioning' that I presented at the Bodypower Expo in 2018. It will be a one-day course for level 4 Personal Trainers including theory of  lower back and pelvis pain and a practical of specific core conditioning exercises. To supplement my experience as PT, I have recently started a project with the company Global Diagnostics which specialises on pelvis, abdominal, vascular, soft tissue and musculoskeletal ultrasound scanning and analysis. Two days per week I work as chaperone, exercise referral trainer and pre & postnatal trainer with very experienced sonographers and GPs to learn more about medical conditions such as endometriosis and injuries of the musculoskeletal system. In each clinic we scan between 20 and 30 patients and discuss the medical conditions and the relevance of exercise and nutrition for each patient, which leads to 20-30 'case studies' per work day.

So far I have learned how the referral system works, how to manage patient ultrasound data and clinical information electronically, how to process the results and communicate to GP, physiotherapist and other health professionals. This work has taught me the relevance of collaboration between medical professionals, personal trainers and physiotherapists and deepened my knowledge of anatomy. As first case study I had my own  shoulder scanned and assessed by a sonographer after successful physiotherapy, and now I am training a new strength & conditioning programme developed by myself.


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