Presentation at the NCEF Tutor In-Service Conference

Julian Berriman, the Director of the EuropeActive Professional Standards Committee recently presented at the National Council for Exercise and Fitness (NCEF) Tutor In-Service Conference. The NCEF is based at the University of Limerick and is a recognised training provider of EuropeActive offering University of Limerick accredited fitness qualifications from EQF levels 4-6 within their academic programme. The conference had a number of key goals, amongst them to provide operational updates for all NCEF tutors of any changes to syllabi, assessments and grading for the forthcoming academic year and, to ensure standardisation of content delivery.

The Director contributed to the conference by giving an overview of the work of EuropeActive and an insight into his work in promoting labour force mobility in the EU.

Mr Berriman said, ‘It is great to see the support the NCEF offers its tutors in promoting the highest standards of course delivery and assessment. Accomplished fitness professionals who will ensure the future growth and prosperity of our sector will emerge from such comprehensive training programmes as offered by the NCEF.’

Damien Jackson, NCEF Director Education, Training and Development said, ‘It is very important that our tutors are aware of the ‘big picture’ and all the work that is going on in Europe in the area of standards and fitness professionals mobility and, Mr.Berriman’s presentations did that perfectly.’