At EREPS, 2019 will be the year in which we focus on improving and updating the membership we offer to our fitness professionals. To make changes that actually matter, we rely on the imput from our members regarding our current situation. We chose to ask for your opinion by setting up a special Member Survey. This will also be a topic at our 2019 Training Provider Forum, the event we host for our accredited training providers. But the most important opinion is that of you, our valued EREPS member. 

Please take a moment to

  • share your thoughts on EREPS membership
  • give your opinion regarding the way we communicate and
  • the value we bring you as a qualified trainer/instructor in the fitness industry.

Your contribution is highly appreciated and will help us forward, this is your chance to influence our plans for the future. You can fill in our Member Survey anonymously - but you can also submit your email address to have a chance to win one of the Polar Vantage M GPS Multisports Watches (retail price € 275)!

Please note that this survey is only meant for EREPS members with a current membership.

You may start the survey by clicking here: HAVE YOUR SAY


Thank you very much for participating!