Anna Bogdanova joins the Professional Standards Committee (PSC)

Aug 26th, 2020
EREPS Ambassador Anna Bogdanova has joined the EuropeActive's Professional Standards Committee (PSC) replacing Alexis Batrakoulis as Deputy Director. The PSC mission is to develop educational standards for the occupations of the European health and fitness sector, providing the credibility and recognition of this sector by ensuring high, comparable and standardised levels of education. EuropeActive would like to thank Alexis Batrakoulis, EREPS... + continue reading

Polish Associations come together to cooperate with EuropeActive

Jul 09th, 2020
A major new agreement on national representation has been signed between the three main fitness organisations in Poland. The Polish Fitness Federation (PFF), Fitness Employer’s Federation (FPF) and Polish Association of Personal Trainers (PZTP) have come together in an historic union to cooperate in representing the Polish fitness industry and have already been recognised as National Association partner of EuropeActive. It is a central... + continue reading

What to Eat and Drink Before and After HIIT Workouts

Jun 11th, 2020
This article is brought to you by our friends from the American Council on Exercise. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has become hugely popular thanks to real results in shorter periods of time and extensive benefits. With busy schedules the norm, it’s no wonder so many clients and potential clients are now seeking out these kinds of workouts. HIIT, which involves repeated sessions of relatively brief, intermittent exercise, usually... + continue reading

Are you Promoting Social Inclusion through Fitness? #BeInclusive Award

Jun 08th, 2020
The European Commission recognises the ability of sport to break down barriers. As with any physical activity, fitness can be a powerful tool to bring together people from all kinds of backgrounds – in particular from disadvantaged groups –  too. The #BeInclusive EU Sport Awards want to highlight and celebrate activities, projects and programmes that do so.  Are you working with ethnic minorities, refugees, people with... + continue reading

The Benefits of Unilateral Training

May 07th, 2020
This article is brought to you by our friends from the American Council on Exercise. Ask a new client about his or her goals and the answer is often along the lines of, “lose weight and tone up.” Meeting the first goal is relatively straight forward—adhering to an exercise program to increase energy expenditure while following proper nutritional intake should result in weight loss. Addressing the second goal, however, requires educating your... + continue reading

Please fill in our EREPS Member Support Questionnaire

Apr 28th, 2020
The deadline for filling in the survey has passed. We thank you for voicing your opinion! The current situation is a challenging time for our industry. The EREPS team is well-aware of this. We want to ensure you feel supported and a part of our EREPS Community. We've put together our EREPS Member Support Questionnaire and want to hear your thoughts.  We want to know how how you, as a fitness professional, are dealing with the COVID-19... + continue reading

Don't miss: Our webinar on the Immune System (23 April)

Apr 20th, 2020
Having a robust immune system is more important than ever as we are constantly challenged with infections, toxins, trauma, stress and poor nutrition. It's important to understand and be able to recognise the problems that we face when our immune system is not operating optimally. This will be the topic of our EREPS webinar on Thursday 23 April, 15:00 CET*. The EREPS team have invited Nicky Coyne to host the webinar, titled "Building a Stronger... + continue reading

Keep your clients active with our #LetsBEACTIVEathome campaign

Apr 03rd, 2020
Are you keeping your clients active? We would like to know how. It is through live online classes, video personal training, recorded sessions, digital training programmes? Make sure to let us know! Beause of the current "lockdown" situation in many European countries, wee've recently lauched our #LetsBEACTIVEathome campaign, an adaptation to our #LetsBEACTIVE campaign. We want people to know that even thouh fitness centres may be closed,... + continue reading
EREPS, Keilir, Iceland, Accreditation, Verification

EuropeActive Quality Assurance Team visits Keilir Health Academy

Apr 02nd, 2020
Keilir Health Academy, in Iceland were recently visited by Pete Davies, part of the EuropeActive verification team. The visit proved to be very successful and informative, both for Mr Davies in his role as an External Quality Assurer, and for Arnar Hafsteinsson, the Director at Keilir Health Academy. Keilir takes seriously the responsibility to ensure that they remain a fully accredited Training Provider under EuropeActive. It was clear to Mr... + continue reading

Covid-19 Update: EREPS membership extended by 6 months free of charge

Apr 02nd, 2020
In light of the Covid-19 pandemic and the strain this is putting on the fitness and physical activity sector, the European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPS) have decided to extend all existing EREPS Memberships by 6 months, FREE of charge. Julian Berriman, Director of Standards, confirmed: "The Coronavirus is affecting the global community and, in the Fitness and Physical Activity Sector lots of people’s income and employment is under... + continue reading