OECD’s New Report shows Heavy Burden of Obesity in Europe and beyond

Oct 22nd, 2019
  Almost a decade after their first publication on obesity (2010), OECD is back with new study results – and they do not paint a pretty picture. In 2010 about one in five people in OECD countries were obese, the current report ‘Heavy Burden of Obesity: The Economics of Prevention’ shows this has now risen to nearly one in four, not only decreasing the overall health of Europeans, but also affecting their economies. In the vast majority of... + continue reading

More than 100,000 vacancies open for fitness professionals in the EU

Oct 17th, 2019
Last April one could read on the EuropeActive’s blog about the need for fitness professionals (~90,000) in the member states of the EU. An update of these numbers came in recently, by CEDEFOP's work on analysing recent job vacancies. The find: the current European labour market has 103,481 online vacancies for fitness and recreation instructors. By analysing online job vacancies published between 1 July 2018 and 31 December 2018, the Center for... + continue reading

This was the 2019 European Week of Sport (23-30 September)

Oct 07th, 2019
The European Week of Sport (EWoS) officially started on Monday, 23rd September 2019 in Espoo, Finland. The 2019 edition turned out to be the biggest one yet, as it saw 42 countries participating, with 50.753 different events taking place. All in all a total of 13.643.492 people were active at some time during the Week. An amazing performance!  The EWoS is the moment of the year were millions of people come together to participate... + continue reading

Professional Competencies of Fitness Instructors in Lithuania: Do they match the European Standards?

Sep 30th, 2019
Health and Fitness Instructors (HFIs) are the main source to convey exercise-related information to the general public. They provide information and implement counselling in exercise information, exercise prescription, clients’ fitness assessment and guidance. A study developed by the Lithuanian Sports University raised two key questions related to their Professional skills: Do Health and Fitness Instructors working in the Lithuanian industry... + continue reading

EuropeActive and KNKF sign a Memorandum of Trust and Understanding to kick-off REPS-NL

Sep 26th, 2019
On Friday, 20th September 2019 Paul Lengkeek and Alain Verzi of the Royal Dutch Power Sport and Fitness Association (Koninklijke Nederlandse Krachtsport & Fitnessbond - KNKF) and Julian Berriman and Anja Beverwijk, of EuropeActive’s Professional Standards Committee, signed a Memorandum of Trust and Understanding (MoUT) between their organisations. The MoUT lays down the terms for the future set up and operation of REPS-NL, the Dutch register... + continue reading

6 Ways to become the Best Trainer or Instructor

Sep 12th, 2019
To make a real difference in the world and love what you do, you have to have a healthy relationship with yourself and the competitive business you’re in. Here are six traits that people look for in a great trainer – and tips on how to achieve them if you feel like you don't meet the criteria. 1. Show your passion As a fitness professional you are passionate about being fit and living a healthy lifestyle and helping others. You should show... + continue reading

Hosting a fitness event? Join our #LetsBEACTIVE Campaign!

Sep 10th, 2019
It’s EuropeActive’s (EREPS' parent organisation) mission to get more people, more active, more often. EREPS is a big part of this mission by being the keeper of a public register of exercise professionals in Europe, working with people every day to motivate them to do just that: be active. But there’s more: we also host events, bring together key stakeholders and have also taken up the task to gather as much information as possible on fitness... + continue reading

Just launched: the European Week of Sport Handbook 2019

Aug 30th, 2019
The European Week of Sport Handbook for 2019 has been published to fully inform people about the European Week of Sport, a European Commission’s initiative which runs from 23 to 30 of September and encourages European citizens to be more active and embrace healthy lifestyles. The 2019 communication toolkit includes campaign objectives, target audience, key hooks, messaging, social media and much more. The 5th annual Week is expected to be the... + continue reading

New Fitness Qualification System approved in France

Jul 04th, 2019
With the recent approval of the French Ministry of Sport a new Professional Qualification Certificate (CQP) for Fitness Instructor has been developed that will open new opportunities for the training and qualification of fitness professionals. The design of the CQP is based on EuropeActive standards and has been proposed by a consortium including France Active, Planet Fitness and the sport employers’ organisation COSMOS. The CQP can be... + continue reading

Making Fitness a Top Priority this Summer

Jun 21st, 2019
It’s important to enjoy the vacation season during summer without compromising the relevance of keeping a healthy and active lifestyle. EREPS' parent organisation EuropeActive has the mission to make more people, more active, more often and support Europeans in living their daily lives healthier. Both physical and mental wellbeing are achievable if people let daily physical activity become part of their weekly routines. Here are some little... + continue reading