'Ignite and Bike' theme of Verifier visit to Denmark

May 23rd, 2018
Photo: in the front teacher Christian de Thurah, one line above in red: our verifier Pete Davies.  By Pete Davies, lead verifier ‘Ignite and bike’ was the feature of my live visit to Bike Academy in Denmark and which turned out to be an inspirational and invigorating experience. The fact that I then took part in not one, but two indoor cycling sessions delivered by the remarkable Christian de Thurah and his team, was a complete bonus... + continue reading

Director of Standards speaks about plans for REPS-Poland at GoActive Show

May 22nd, 2018
Julian Berriman, the Director of the EuropeActive Professional Standards Committee visited the Go Active Conference, in Warsaw on 18 May. At the event Mr.Berriman gave a presentation on the work of the Standards Committee and the development of EREPS. He also informed the audience of the on-going plans to develop REPS-Poland in partnership EREPS. EuropeActive are working with The Polish Personal Trainers’ Association (PZTP) to establish REPS-... + continue reading

‘Lifestyle is medicine’ but who is the Life Style doctor? - Part II

Feb 20th, 2018
  By John van Heel, EFAA Just like the General Practitioner is a specialist in diseases and the physiotherapist in muscle and joint complaints, fitness instructors are specialists in the field of a healthy lifestyle. This is of course not the case in all sports centres. A certain segment of sports centres chooses quantity. However, a large group chooses quality and is developing its expertise on the fitness floor at a great pace. These... + continue reading

‘Lifestyle is medicine’ but who is the Life Style doctor? - Part I

Feb 19th, 2018
  By John van Heel, EFAA.  The WHO and the Health Council developed guidelines for healthy active living and healthy eating. If people have the knowledge about these guidelines, and what they can bring if applying, but also what harm they bring if not, most people would take steps to start a healthier life. Unfortunately, modern man in western society has an unhealthy lifestyle. Obesity and diabetes have epidemic forms. Diabetes and... + continue reading

Gain new Knowledge through Human Kinetics Webinars

Feb 19th, 2018
  Save time scrolling through 100's of journal articles, books and scientific research and get the very latest in sports science through webinars. These online webinars by Human Kinetics are presented by some of the leading names in sports science and address a variety of topics relating to sports, fitness, nutrition, coaching, training, physical education and more. The presenters often talk about their scientific research and break it... + continue reading

Encouragement from President of the European Parliament for EuropeActive to deliver the skills for the future of fitness

Jan 03rd, 2018
The recent letter from Antonio Tajani, the President of the European Parliament, has added weight and encouragement for EuropeActive to continue along its pathway to develop the systems and processes to make sure that fitness professionals have the future skills and qualifications to support the growth of the sector. With the review of the all-important Personal Trainer standards, the fast-moving SIQAF project with DG Employment that is leading... + continue reading

Why Good Intentions Often Don't Work

Dec 05th, 2017
It is the end of the year again. The holidays are around the corner and so many people let go of their healthy lifestyle. If they had this in the first place. And then in January, being eaten and saturated, they imagine that the new year is the year of change. They want to lose weight, live a healthier life or become more in balance. They enrol at a gym and go to the gym for the first time in good spirits. But after the second time it is already... + continue reading

MIOFF Russian Fitness Week 2017

Dec 01st, 2017
Julian Berriman, the Director of the EuropeActive's Professional Standards Committee recently gave a presentation at the MIOFF, the Russian Fitness Week 2017. The presentation focussed on setting up a robust and effective system for the training and recognition of fitness professionals and how this might be applied to the rapidly developing Russian industry. To an audience of Russian fitness employers, training providers, national associations... + continue reading

EREPS Lifelong Learning Programme introduced at ISM

Nov 30th, 2017
The 2017 International Standards Meeting (ISM), held in Rome, Italy, marked the start of the Lifelong Learning Programme for EREPS members. Following a number of years in planning and with input from previous ISM’s the programme was presented by Julian Berriman, Director of Standards, at last week's International Standards Meeting on 24 November to over 130 delegates from more than 20 countries. Mr. Berriman outlined the key features of the... + continue reading

Member of the Month: Silke Pichler

Aug 31st, 2017
This month’s special EREPS member is Dr. Silke Pichler. With an impressive sportive history and PhD background she currently works as an Elite trainer and S&C level 3 Sportcoach in Gymbox London. Read her inspring story: “During my time as PhD student at EMBL in Heidelberg, I became really hooked to cross country & long distance running and competed in my first triathlon, the Heidelbergman, which was part of the German student... + continue reading