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Sport Scientist / Exercise Physiologist and member of the European Register of Exercise Professionals.

I believe that helping the community to improve their quality of life is the first step to make the world a better place, therefore my mission is: “To change the way of thinking about exercise in order to inspire people to be more active, healthier and happier”

Thus, Inspired by "Start with why" philosophy, my purpose is surround myself of people who share my same mission as it is an essential part to achieve remarkable results.

I have always been focused on delivering my duties with extreme passion and professionalism and I work with a wellness/scientific approach and data analysis (Health screening, exercise prescription and coaching/counselling sessions). I'm delighted to have the opportunity to provide the motivation that people/athletes need to achieve their goals.

The different nature of my work experiences allowed me to get a wide overview on both health and sport fields and I would love to improve even more and excel in exercise physiology/sport science in an inspiring company.

Along my life journey I developed a solid work ethic and I maintain a friendly and professional attitude at all times through an easygoing personality. Determination, team work, sacrifices, meritocracy are all aspects which were transmitted to me by sport and I will never say thank you enough to it.

I'm a world citizen and I’m open to consider opportunities worldwide and improve my skills as much as I can. A learner approach is essential for me.

I also love reading about leadership / team building and I'm working on getting knowledge (for the future) in new sport technologies, data analysis, 3D printing and tissue regenerative technologies.
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English, Italian
Additional Training:
2 - 3 years
Hourly Rate:
30 to 40