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I have successfully completed my one-year education to become a personal trainer, which included:
-BMI, waist-to hip ratio, Individual Strength test, PWC test (Physical Working Capacity), as well as defining body composition with the use of various techniques (calipometry, infrarot, BIA) etc.
-defining energy carrier and its use in the training (how the ATP is built and what chemical reactions in human's muscles it undergoes), aerobic and anaerobic trainings, the rules of rest after different types of training (varying from hypertrophy to intermuscular coordination), closed and open loop systems in the training and their use, adnavtages and disadvantages, micro-, meso- and macrocycles of training
- training with people who have varicose veins (structure of the cardio varcular system in human body, and the purpose of each of its component from the heart to the smallest capillaries), intricacies of vein system (thromboses, inflammation, etc.)
- what kind of training I am allowed to offer to people with pelvic floor pathologies (anatomy, physiology, functions, build-up, training)
- prenatal and postnatal training as well as training with pregnant women varying regarding to distinction of each trimenon and how the baby develops, with focus of various stimulus affecting mother and the baby (hormones, blood volume, adynamia, anaemia of pregnancy, vena cava compression syndrome, etc.)
- anatomy, physiology and pathologies of human joints, rheumatoid arthritis, arthrosis (treatment and training)
- diabetes 1 and 2 type (symptoms, digestive track, digestive organs, intricacies of diabetes, metabolic syndrome, training, OGTT test and its diagnosis, the level of blood sugar of a diabetic person before the training)
- possible intricacies of diabetes during the training (hypoglicemia, hyperglicemia, ketoazitosis)
- high blood pressure (normal, hypertension stage 1, hypertension stage 2, essential and secondary: causation, severity, intricacies, treatment and prophylaxis, and types of training for these people)
- training with people who have spinal column pathologies (thoracic and lumbar spine), coordination and sensomotoric system
- trainng with people suffering from pathologies or injuries of a shoulder joint (eg. dislocated shoulder, impigement syndrome), kneecup, hip joint
- training with geriatric clients
- training tips and methods for endurance sessions
- strength training, intermuscular coordination, bodybuilding, intramuscular coordination, muscle supply training.
I passed the exam which consisted of 100 questions and a very rigorous margin of error.
Trainers teaching were from Germany, USA and Italy, representing European standarts from their countries
- Andreas Goller - a lecturer teaching in Lecture Institute for Fitness Professionals in Hamburg, Germany, international educator for Safs-Beta, ITS Russia, Euro Fitness School Poland, Body Mind spirit Switzerland, and OAV Austia
- Stefano Carlini - professor of athletic training courses in Italian Federation of Fitness (Federatione Italiana Fitness), PT Performance Journal owner (Federatione Italiana Fitness magazine), scientific advisor for OK Health magazine in Italy
- David Stauffer (USA/Italy) - educator for Federatione Italiana Fitness, "Best International Presenter Italy" presented by Fitness Italia 2002, Italian sports TV presenter for the World Aerobic Championships in Essen, Germany, 2012 USA men's aerobic champion, national fitness group coordinator for Tonic Network Benessere in Italy.

My licence is signed by Andreas Goller and David Stauffer who confirmed the validity and quality of the licence.
I have been a successful trainer with clients reaching new levels of their performance. Experienced in both personal training as well as fitness/gym management.
I believe that my education, work experience and knowledge can serve as a proof that I can offer a successful training routine for my clients with regard to his or her specific needs.
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English, German, Polish
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5 - 6 years
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