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Professional Profile: I am an amicable and reliable person with excellent interpersonal and team working skills, with extensive knowledge and skills in fitness and CPR. I am experienced in instructing and encouragement of my clients. My enthusiasm and commitment to consistently develop my Gym instructor and Personal Training abilities allow me to demonstrate my passion for fitness, health and overall wellbeing whilst utilising my skills. I make a difference to my clients’ lifestyles. I provide fitness assessments, consultations and develop exercise regimes. I motivate them into leading a healthy and fit life. Their success is my reward.
“I am pleased to meet you, my name is Janita BELLOT. I’m a Fitness Motivator and Lifestyle Guru for Bella-Vita Fitness & Wellness. My motto is “working out should be fun”, if you don’t agree I challenge you to train with me. I offer alternating and challenging workouts you will not be bored with repetitive routines. I am a motivated trainer who is fully committed. Before, after and during my trainings you will receive motivated coaching sessions to improve a new and healthy way of living for your entire life span.
I can help you whether you want to lose weight, muscle development, power training, fitness, and train for a competition or simply exercise. This can all take place at the Bella Vita Fitness & Wellness Studio or I can even visit you at home or a location of your choice. My challenge is to help you feel better, fitter and more energetic. You‘ll also feel more self- confident, happier and strengthen your mental wellbeing. Training is my greatest passion, helping you to help yourself is my greatest talent!! Experience the incredible feeling of personal training and you‘ll be amazed at what WE can achieve together. Allow me to provide you with the tools to ‘ACQUIRE A BEAUTIFUL LIFE’
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Dutch, English
Additional Training:
2 - 3 years
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20 to 30