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Sport is one of the things that make my world coloured. Every evening, at the gym, I can practice and train everyone else who likes my training method. It's aimed at developing both muscolar explosive power, to be used in most of the martial art styles using tecniques I've been practicing for 18 years as athlete (Karate Shotokan, Taekwondo and kickboxing) and taking care about the adeguate level of hypertrophy by an individual and adapted schedule of BB.
My specialization regards also nutrition aspects and body composition evaluations.
In these last 2 years of work as certified PT and workout trainer, my goal has been to revise most of the classical exercise in the martial art contest, taking particular care in all mechanical aspects of every motion and its postural correlation. My willing for myself and everybody else is to make workouts challenging, but at the same time more pleasant and functional:-)! Mike
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English, French, Italian
4 - 5 years
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20 to 30