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I have been a Fitness Professional for many years now (also a qualified Sports Massage Therapist) and its truly been a pleasure, I have met and worked with a diverse range of persons and abilities which has proven to be a challenge at times, as clients can be so different that very often you need to adapt on the go.

Over the years I have developed a reliable reputation within my local community which has afforded me the opportunity to appear as a guest on several different local TV programmes whilst also having the chance to develop my own TV show called Fat to Fit, which documented the transformation of 4 women over a six month period.

FitBody Result was created to in order to help individuals achieve their goals by adopting what I like to call a FitBody Lifestyle. This involves adopting changes that will lead to a fitter, healthier and more active life.
It requires hard work, patience and dedication so that it becomes a lifestyle commitment.

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English, Spanish
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6 - 7 years
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20 to 30