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I have been in the fitness industry for about 6 years.

I feel really lucky because I do what I love and I really do that with passion.
Teaching others is one of the most beautiful thing because it is not just a sport related connection between two persons, it refers to two or even more persons very close interpersonal relationship when you share your fears, concerns, success, development, expectations, your private problems with your trainer who is always there when it is needed.
At the same time is one of the greatest fun when you defeat your limits to get to a higher level and not just physically, mentally as well.
Doing sports it is not just a simple routine, it is a lifestyle, a passion and this is what I try to deliver to my clients too. Living a healthy lifestyle helps us to feel better in our skin, be more persistent at the other areas of the life and basically gives us back the trust in ourselves.
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English, Hungarian
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5 - 6 years
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40 to 50