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I began my work in to Fitness in 1996. I worked in some Fitness Clubs in Italy and from 2013 I began Personal Traniner Job to Health City Fitness & More Bologna.
I attended many training courses for fitness and bodybuilding methodologies including anti aging and anti-stress at the University of Rome and Training Institute of Physical Education Elav: Personal Training Specialist (EQF Level 4), Exercise for Health (EQF Level 5), Funcional Traninig Specialist, Slimming Specialist Training, Hypertrophy Specialist Traning.
My specialities are:
- Functional Training
- Slimming Training
- Hypertrophy training
- Exercise for Health
- Anti Aging Exercise
- Pre .- Contest preparation
- Training Natural Bodybuilding 100%
- Female Training
- body weight gymnastic

The motivation you found it. Now you need the right method
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English, Italian
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over 10 years
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