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Passionate about the fitness industry and committed to improving the health and wellbeing of individuals, Mauro approaches his work with a high level of initiative, creativeness, reliability, empathy and determination. Self-motivated, enthusiastic professional with outstanding communication skills, Mauro has demonstrated the ability to build effective teams of people and strong working relationships to help that particular brand move forward with the task at hand. Strong work ethic, tremendous amount of self-control, very disciplined and organized when it comes to training. Mauro works well on his own as well as part of a team and he thrives in roles of leadership yet he is prepared to follow when the opportunity requires him to do so. Experience includes roles in Sales, Athletic Trainer, Swimming Instructor, Fitness Instructor within corporate and public facilities as well as successful Personal Trainer.
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English, Italian
Additional Training:
4 - 5 years
Hourly Rate:
40 to 50