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EQF Level 4
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Hi everyone!

I would like to tell you little bit about where my knowledge and experience have come from. I started in the fitness / bodybuilding field at the age of 17, and since then, I haven’t looked back, nor stopped learning the tips, tricks and tools of the trade. What began as a hobby,soon developed into my profession. I have gained much invaluable experience in training and throughout my career. I have been fortunate to have received great advice and guidance from several top well known and celebrity bodybuilders from whom I have had the pleasure to meet. However,all that is not sufficient without the solid foundation of studies. I have committed myself to study this field, the industry and the knowledge and science of training. From this I gained my international Personal Trainer licence from the DS Personal Training School in Finland. It’s at this point, that I would like to mention an important observation: I have met people who also have certificates, but in reality, they have little idea what it’s all about. I believe, for one to be a truly good and professional personal trainer one must have all the assets of experience, knowledge,studies, and something vitally important; the talent. I believe that I have a good combination of all these, and you can rest assured, that I can be there for You when You need help in achieving and reaching whatever your training goal should be, whether it’s power lifting, body building, fitness or just losing weight.Feel free to contact me and let’s make your dreams be the reality you live in!
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English, Finnish
Bodybuilding, Cardio Workouts, Diet & Nutrition, Fat Loss, Nutrition, Personal Training, Strength Training, Toning, Weight Management, Women's Fitness
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over 10 years
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