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Hello and welcome to my profile.

João Deus
- 27 years old
- Born in Portugal and currently living in one cruiship around the world
- Degree in Sports Science
- Master in Physical Education
- Complimentary Trainnings in Fitness, Detoxification, Exercise and Nutrition
- Passionate about promoting Healthy Lifestyles and Education
- But I am not only a professional in exercise i I have also experience on building partnerships of any kind, business development, sales, customer support and project management related with team management
- I had success in 1 crowdfunding campaign and i founded 1 company (spryou)
- Proactive mindset i have experience in group/team management
- Experience in volunteer work in Portugal and África
- Ability to work with programs of exercise, nutrition and detoxification
- Sports Medicine Trainning

I am always free to share and discuss ideias, help others, share experiences, transfer knowledge , work collaboratively on the latest innovation trends.

Thank you for your visit and feel free to reach me through email (
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Languages Spoken:
English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
Additional Training:
8 - 9 years
Hourly Rate:
40 to 50