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My name is Luis Lopes, I am from Portugal and my passion for fitness started when I signed in a gym to rehabilitate a bad condition because of a serious accident that I had.
I love sports and during the last years I was a professional athlete of mountain bike Down Hill and Cross Country as well as a Swimmer and a Martial Arts athlete, which was very important for my professional career choice.
I have worked as a Professional Personal Trainer from 2010, and I was involved in some projects of weight loss and diabetes control in adults and children with obesity, which made me learn more about this disease.
In the last years, I was the Personal Trainer of a Hockey team and also of a Football team, which after a year rose to a higher position in the league.
My education and training, together with my professional experience, have helped me to become a highly effective Personal Trainer. I am able and rigorous to develop and implement workout plans.
As a Personal Trainer I can help people to improve their performance as athletes, to gain muscle mass, to lose fat mass, to treat different kinds of injuries and to rehabilitate of surgeries. In general, I can help people to have a healthy and active lifestyle while they achieve their goals.
Fitness is a way that provides many possibilities to get mental and physical health and I take it very seriously.
As a highly Professional Personal Trainer I am confident, rigorous, enthusiastic as well as efficient. I approach my work with a high level of initiative, reliability, empathy and determination.
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English, Portuguese, Spanish
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6 - 7 years
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