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“Turn your passion into your career” and so it is that I have spent my entire professional life working in sports-related fields. Upon completion of my university studies in Sports Sciences, I first chose to pursue a career as a professional athlete. Experience and education have permitted me to be successful as Volleyball trainer/coach at the Australian Institute of Sport and at various (professional) clubs in Europe. Since 1998 I also work as a Personal Trainer and more recently as Educator of other Coaches and Sports Preparation Experts via the National Academy of Sports Medicine Program.
I find contact with motivated others - and other visions and cultures - to be stimulating and enriching and therefore I actively seek out such opportunities.
Getting the most out of yourself - and others - every single day for me means working towards evolving goals in a creative yet systematic manner.
Goals which are as varied as the people or teams one works with.
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Dutch, English, French, German
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over 10 years
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> 50