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+ Do you need some help reaching your fitness goals?

+ Are you looking for a fitness buddy or an alternative way of exercising, rather than simply going to the gym?

+ Is it important for you that YOUR Personal Trainer is:
- Qualified
- Affordable
- Approachable
- Knowledgeable
- Caring
- Flexible
- 'Walks-the talk’???

I assume you already answered ‘Yes’ to many of the questions above, so I will get straight to the point.
I specialize in Personal Training both in a Gym area as well as Outdoor fitness (Parks). Most of the people i train though are exercising outdoors no matter the weather. It comes cheaper and you are within nature, the smell of the grass and the fresh air.

Our Personal Trainings will include an Initial & Bi-monthly Assessments of your fitness levels & a personalized fitness programme to reach your desired goals.

Our Outdoor fitness include workouts such as TRX, Cross-Training, High Intensity, HIIT, Tabata, Sprints etc.
The locations where we will be training are mostly at Molos park (seaside) or at Dasoudi beach. We could also train at a place near you if you want.

I also train people at the own house, so if this is more convenient for you, there is no problem. I bring all the equipment we need with me.

If you like what you read, let’s have a chat.
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English, Greek, Romanian, Spanish
Additional Training:
over 10 years
Hourly Rate:
20 to 30