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I always was interested in what our body could do from a young age. I would climb trees, see if I could climb the roof and saw that as a challenge. loved to explore the functions of the body with those movement challenges

Ofcourse when you start going to school they stop you do all these things and the closets to the discovering the world and your body is playing sports.

I singed up for a Sport College and did my Sport Science degree after that.
This gave me a lot of experience teaching and coaching. I learned disciplines like gymnastics, ball sport, dance and martial arts. The degree also gave me insight how the human works from a physiology research point of view.

Every-time I would teach or coach discipline I always felt that there was something missing in the training. I realised there is more.

And started to research movement. What our body is capable of and what it needs to nurture it so we can use it for a long time.
I discovered that the following 3 approaches to exercise will give us a great start.
- pratical, based on the physiological research
- primal, based on more holistic research
- playfull, based on fun and explorative development

Those are the elements I use during my coaching and training.

Does this trigger your interested, or are you interested in more detail about my approach feel free to contact me.

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over 10 years
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40 to 50