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Dr. Andrea Cristofori (Graduate Doctor of Motor Sciences), VAT: 02439721206

Personal Trainer, Advanced Health and Exercise Specialist (EREPS) Level EQF 6
Master Trainer of mechanical Vibrations (PowerPlate)
Master in Sport Performance TOP Certification (ELAV)
Master Functional Training Instructor (FIF)
Evolutionary Trainer Specialist Certification (ELAV)
Kettlebell Instructor level II FIF and Instructor HKC
TRX suspension trainer and TRX RIP trainer (Fitness Anywere)
Kinesiologist and expert in human movement (U.N.C.)
Operator in Bio-Natural Disciplines (MTC)

Technical/Scientific Sports Teacher

Mobile: +39 347/0442844
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English, Italian, Spanish
Additional Training:
over 10 years
Hourly Rate:
30 to 40