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About me...
Nobefit is a fitness company that aims to help you improve your quality of life through exercise. The founder of the company, Nooa Närväinen, became interested in gym training in 2008 as an inspiration for mixed martial arts and change of appearance. Together with his friends, he learned the gym training secrets and, in addition, learned more about human anatomy and physiology. In 2014, he injured his ankle in the army, resulting in disability and weight gain. After the therapy, he went to the end of the army and became interested in weight loss and physiology of the human body. With weight loss as a goal, Nooa went to the gym and found himself with the right diet, resulting in a weight loss of about 25kg. In 2017, he decided to acquire a PT degree. He started his studies in Sports and Health Sciences at the Evangelical School in Helsinki. There, he listened to many of the University's medical and nutrition lectures and conducted similar courses and tests (the diploma is found at the bottom of the page). Now Nooa has learned to help not only himself but also others, and that is what Nobefit is all about. Our goal is to use years of experience, failure, frustration and learning, experimenting and success, and above all, raw and up-to-date PT science to achieve YOUR goals.