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Passion, competence, method, transparency, sharing, creativity and optimism are words I believe in.

- I have an ACSI/SNPT Personal Trainer diploma, recognized by CONI in Italy and I'm part of the European Register of Exercise Professionals - EREPS, with the possibility of practicing the profession throughout Europe.
- I have a master's degree in educational science and I'm graduated in Sports Science.
- I love sport and I have always practiced it (triathlon-winter triathlon in various forms and distances, sky running, trail running, mountaineering and ski mountaineering, downhill and cross-country skiing, cycling, swimming, etc ...).
- As business consultant or personal trainer, I don't like standard packages for clients. What gives me satisfaction is understanding the starting point, expectations, desires, dreams of each client and define together a shared path towards the goal.
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English, French, Italian
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