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Professional Squad Instructor

The F Squad ⁽™⁾ program is designed carefully keeping in mind the bio-mechanical, muscular, cardiovascular and neural networks.
Most of all, we have kept it as such, to entertain every individual and at the same time work on all the planes of the human body by engaging major muscle groups through multi-joint movements.

Crush Club Instructor Training

This is a scientifically-based course conducted in two 8-hour sessions over the course of two days.
The course is based on six different dance styles: Bollywood, Bhangra, Hip Hop, Jazz, Salsa & Merengue.
The course combines the principle of re-stimulation with High Intensity Interval Training.
It implements an entertaining method that assists weight-loss and body toning.
Once the training is complete students are given the freedom to choreograph routines themselves without the constraints of a set choreography.


FSSAs Sports nutrition is an advanced level course that provides you with an understanding of the principles of sports nutrition and its practical application to both elite and recreational athletes. You will be required to examine the role of nutrition for the sports participant in terms of maintaining overall health, while meeting the specific demands of training and competition.


StretchNDance Fitness

Course Description:

- It is a 2 day course (16 hours), we also provide additional coaching and practice sessions post the training

with the respective master trainer for 8 hours. These 8 hours are spread over two months. This is basically

done to ensure that StretchNDance Instructors are efficient and skilled before they start teaching.

- In these 2 days we educate the trainees on the structure of the program, skill training and the bio

mechanisms. Most importantly we educate them to be mindful Instructors. We also focus on their

Injury Management in Personal Training

The 1 day course is all about the changes that happen in muscles and bones due to an  injury.
We shall talk about the importance of group action of muscles in any movement to prevent injury
plus the course also covers:
. Stability, balance,stretching exercises for all major joints
. Insight into musculoskeletal conditions like tendinitis, muscular injuries ,sprains, strains that affect performance
. Posture evaluation


A two day specialist training course which includes:

  • History and meaning of functional strength training
  • Understanding kinesiology and biomechanical factors that influence human movement
  • Exercise science concepts in FST
  • FST techniques – using body weight, dumbbells, medicine balls, stability balls, pulleys & cables, bands and miscellaneous devices
  • FST process – from assessment to execution
  • Understaning the functional continuum
  • Designing FST programs