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Fitness Nutrition Coach

This course offers insight regarding energy provision from the time foods enter into the digestive process to when they are delivered to body cells, and how this all relates to fitness and athletics. You’ll learn about digestion and internal chemical processes, energy provision and conversion, nutrient requirements, and the basic synergy that ties eating and fitness together. This is the physiology of nutrition being taught in a way that is intriguing and comprehensive!

Mental Coach for Fitness Professionals

It is not easy to accept our weaknesses or the things we do not like about us, but in order to move forward we have to keep walking and never stop, because the satisfaction one has with themselves when they overcome themselves, when they help the one in front, when they overcome challenges, when they get up after hitting bottom …… it’s simply INDESCRIBABLE. This Course will highlights the importance of working with people, with their physical and mental health. We do not work with machines or our main motivation as personal trainer should be to earn money, get rich and work less each time.

Functional Training Specialist

This FTS course defines functional exercise and explains its importance to the training program. Learn the science behind functional training and how to apply it to each client. Take a comprehensive look at the foundational principles of functional training and the importance of testing for core strength. This course will cover various techniques for dynamic training of the core through multi-planar movements, challenging the center of gravity, and through isometric exercises.