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Functional Tools Coach


Course Name: Functional Tools Coach (FTC)
Why Should You Consider This Course?
The landscape of the gym has changed significantly within the last decade. There has been a monumental shift from gyms that are filled with cardio equipment and pin loaded machines to open spaces that have tools such as kettlebells, battling ropes and suspension trainers. The popularity of these tools and programmes using these tools is immense and offering them is a necessity to incorporate functional movements into yourclients's sessions.

Fundamentals of Cancer & Exercise for professionals/ Fundamentos De Ejercicio y Cancer Para Profesionales

Curso basado en envidencia científica, conciso y diseñado para proporcionar las bases de la prescripción de ejercicio físico en el proceso oncológico. Dirigido a profesionales de la actividad física y/o la salud.

Modalidad y duración: Presencial 8horas + estudio independiente 2 horas. Total 10h


Concise course designed to provide the fundamentals behind exercise prescription in the oncology process form an evidence base perspective. Open to exercise and healthcare professionals.