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The Massive Ride®

The Massive Ride Class is a combination of 4 elements, mixed together to take you through a Massive Ride via HIIT training to improve your cardiovascular and strength endurance . It is a (HIIT Training workout) Where you can lift your heart rate, improve your cardiovascular endurance and burn fat through aerobic trainings and to build up your muscles strength endurance in a sprint intervals.
The video and subliminal waves motivate you and fill you of positive energy While the HIIT riding energizing your body, activates and empower your muscles and your cardiovascular endurance.

The Mind Ride®

It is a (Mentally and Physically riding workout).
The Mind Ride is a unique indoor cycling Program with four elements: Video, Music, subliminal waves and riding.
Where you can ride into the depth of your soul; to burn fat and motivate your muscles, soul and mind all through an imaginary atmosphere through a magical journey.The video and subliminal waves carry on spiritual massages to motivate your soul and mind, While the riding activates and empower your body muscles.

The class duration is one hour

Raising the Barre: How to Take Your Class to the Next Level Using Props, Music & More

Barre Where You Are’s "Raising the Barre: How to Take Your Class to the Next Level Using Props, Music & More” Workshop is for Barre Instructors who want to add even more FUN into their classes, change things up and add a few new “tools” to their toolbox. Attendees will walk away from this course with new and creative ideas of how to use the Pilates Balls, light weights, resistance bands, gliding discs and yoga blocks to both challenge and assist their clients.